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How to become an NFL prospect


How to become a NFL prospect This article is about how to become an NFL prospect.  This information shows a college football player what to do to prepare for the draft.  I had a brief cup of coffee in the pros, but I learned a lot in a hurry. I am going to share my experiences with you. I made mistakes along the way. I did things that I wish I could take back. I didn’t do some things that I wish I would have done. The NFL was a great learning experience. You could call it the school of hard knocks.  



How can your Head Coach help you get drafted?

Your head coach can let you know where you stand. He can let you know how you graded out. If you are a top prospect for the National Football League, if you need to improve, if any teams are interested in you, and what steps you should take to play pro football. Your junior year in college is a wonderful time to have this discussion. Have it again in your senior year. My college coach was Bill Collick at Delaware State College. He got me and a few other seniors into the Freedom Bowl All-Star Classic. Many NFL Scouts were there to evaluate the talent. There is always someone watching you. Also, the eye in the sky doesn’t lie. Everything you do is on film.

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Do you need an agent for the NFL Draft?

Agents are valuable to an NFL prospect. They have knowledge of the pre-draft process. They have the ability to move players up in the draft due to their expertise. They can call around to try to get you in an All Star game. Most importantly, agents contact NFL Coaches and Scouts about their clients game film. Your agent is promoting you.

Ask your head coach to help you get an agent. Your college Director of Athletics is a good source as well.

Local area scouts can refer an agent to you. Do your homework. Ask questions about what type of person he/she is.

Don’t just settle for the first name that you get. Shop around. My agent was Grasella Oliphant. Crazy name huh? He got me a tryout with the Player Personnel Director of the New York Jets, Jim Royer. 5 of us ran a 40-yard dash. Afterward, he called three guys over to talk with him.

I stood there with another guy feeling dejected. He came over to us and said, “You two are in”. “You have 0% chance of making this team”. “ You two will be practice dummies to do all the work while the starters heal up from last season.” I was in. That is what mattered.

How do you build an NFL Body

NFL training camp is brutal. You are going to be sore, tired, sleepy, and physically drained. To prevent injury, make sure to increase your flexibility in your legs, low back, shoulders, calves, neck, and hamstrings. Strengthen your calves, ankles, quads, and core. Show up to camp in the best shape of your life! The best things I ever did was stretching all the time, lifting weights, jogging, running stadium stairs, and taking ice baths. Those things kept me out of the training room and on the field. Learn about a 52 week program for the High School weight room.

How do you get a good mindset for footall?

You must stay motivated. You have to have the desire to succeed.  You have to possess abundant confidence.  You have to believe that you can make it. Don’t allow anyone to tell you that you can’t.

NFL training camp and practice is very mentally challenging. You are learning a new language but you have no time to make mistakes. Some NFL playbooks could take years to master. You have minutes to make a good first impression. Be mentally tough. What does that mean? Never let them see you sweat. Make your mistakes aggressively. If you don’t know your assignment, knock somebody’s head off. Someone has to pay for being yelled at by the coaches. The New York Jets and New York Giants coaching staff cursed me out so many times I got nervous when they stopped. When they curse at you, they care about you. You are doing something right.  

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