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picture of a football player showing leadership

5 Amazing ways to show that you have Football Leadership

Why Leaders are harder to cut from the team.


We were in practice at the old Meadowlands Giants Stadium. The whistle blew. All of us hustled over to our practice area. “All right everyone, One on One drills.”


I lined up against a defensive nose guard. I had to shotgun snap the ball to the QB and block this animal in front of me. I completed my assignment wonderfully, I must say. Bill Parcells strolled over and yelled,” who is that snapping and blocking like that?” ” It’s Jones Coach”. I was put on every special team. I was assigned to being the only center in practice. I had to run 1st team and second-team offense. I never left the field in practice. I was exhausted. Bill Parcells saw that. He yelled, “show some god damn leadership Jones”. I said nothing. That was a mistake. I was 21 years old. I knew nothing about being a leader. I should have said something like, ” Alright men, let’s get the job done”. All I had to do was look into the eyes of every other offensive lineman in the huddle and say two words. “Let’s dominate”. Leadership is within us all. You have to let it out and open up your mouths. Share your thoughts and opinions in front of your teammates. Learn how to become a leader on your team that NFL Scouts notice. Here are 5 ways to show NFL Scouts and NFL Coaches that you are a leader.



How to Encourage your Teammates during Drills

This is the time to become a cheerleader. If you are in one on one drills, cheer on your fellow teammates. “Come on Joe”. “Ante up baby”, come on!” When it is your turn, handle your business. Show good sportsmanship the entire time. “Good Job D”. Good Job O”. Learn about a spectacular sports performance clinic that combines Track, Strength and Conditioning, and Football.

What to Communicate with your Position Coach on the sideline

After you come off the field in a game, scrimmage, or practice, let your position coach know what is happening on the field. “We are tipping off our blitz package coach”. “They are just checking off”. “Their D”B’s are coming up”. “Let’s go deep”.

How to Correct other player’s assignments

You must know your assignment as well as others. “Danzey”. “Close your gap on 51 jet sweep”. “It will help the tackle.” “DBs”. “Disguise your blitz”. “Hesitate, and then go.” Leaders are the generals on and off the field. They always know what to do in any situation.

What to say during Pregame and Sideline speeches

”On me,” “everybody up”. “You had a good home but you left it”. “This is your home now”. “Who’s house is this?” “Our house”. “Whose house is this?” “Our house”. “Can anyone come in?” “Hell Nah.” Can anyone come in?’ “Hell Nah.” Be the Hype man for your team. Talk about it, then be about it on the field.

How to get voted team captain

If you do the above things, your teammates will vote for you as team Captain. Other players will look up to you. Guide and encourage players on your team. Show them enthusiasm. Keep them in order. Give them hope when times get bleak. Never let them down. Be your best you. 

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