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5 Things you need to make an NFL Roster

NFL Stories- My first day at New York Jets Training Camp

One of the first things I learned about the NFL is that everyone had the 5 things you need to make an NFL Roster. Everyone had speed, athletic ability, strength, endurance, and flexibility. On the first day of New York Jets training camp, I was standing with a group of 23 Rookie Offensive Lineman. The veterans reported the next week. One of the guys said, “none of us are going to make this team”. We all disagreed, and he explained it to us. “There will be only 8 roster spots for the Offensive line”. In our minds, each of us felt as though we would be one of the eight. He explained further. “ There will be 5 starters from last year, the starting long snapper made six, one 12-year veteran who is on injured reserve made seven, and a 7-year vet from the Dallas Cowboys that was received from trade was eight. We all stared at the ground speechless. I was from a small division 1AA HBCU. The other 22 rookies were from bigger 1A schools.
One of the guys from a large Big 10 Conference school walked up and said, “Jonesy man, this isn’t for me”. He quit that day. Being from Delaware State, which lost to Portland State 105-0, I was used to bad news. I decided to stick it out. I had good speed for my size. I was considered an athletic Center. I had average strength. I had above-average endurance. I also had superior flexibility. These things got me there and helped me stick around for a while.

Is having Speed Enough to make an NFL Roster?

Whatever position you play, speed will get you noticed by coaches. The problem is, many of the Pros have it. What you do with that speed is what matters.  Recovering a fumble on special teams would be great! Speed combined with something else is what you need.  Good hands, high vertical jump, a knack for making a big play are amongst the few. Learn a revolutionary way to increase your speed from Coach Tony.

Can you develop athletic ability?

Quickness, agility, balance, low center of gravity, and the ability to fake someone out, are athletic qualities that get you noticed by NFL coaches. Many factors contribute to athletic ability. Genetics, physical traits, and the environment are things to consider. When I started playing football as a youth, I had no speed, flexibility, or strength. As time went on, I improved. So can you! Learn more about unorthodox NFL training that yields spectacular results.

4 Best Exercises to improve strength for American Football

Football players increase their ability by increasing strength. Squats, bench press, deadlifts, and core exercises are the best. How many sets should you do? How much time should you wait in between sets? What sequence should you use? How many days should you work out? I had these questions during high school. Learn more about a 52-week strength and conditioning program for the High School weight room.

NFL Football Endurance is imperative!

NFL games and the NFL Season are very long. Pre-season games and off-season training exists. Endurance is imperative to make an NFL roster. I was tired in warm-ups of a New York Jet pre-season game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I almost dozed off while lying on my back doing stretches. The lush grass did feel like a carpet. The only thing that woke me up was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders kicking their white high-heeled boots over their heads!

What is Football Flexibility?

Football Flexibility is the ability to move through proper joint range of motion with power. Flexibility helps you to prevent injuries or the severity of injuries. The most dangerous place on the NFL football field is the bottom of the pile. Players get twisted like a pretzel. Hopefully, your flexibility will save the day for you.

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