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Bleacher Report wants Colts to trade for WR Julio Jones – Colts Wire

The Indianapolis Colts didn’t do much to add to the wide receiver room this offseason, but Bleacher Report wants to see them trade for one of the best player of this generation at the position.
As it seems Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is reportedly available for trade, Bleacher Report’s Kristopher Knox believes it would be beneficial for the Colts to acquire the veteran superstar in exchange for a 2023 second-round pick and a 2022 third-round pick.
The Indianapolis Colts should be in on Jones. They’re looking to reestablish Carson Wentz as a quality NFL starter while also trying to remain in the AFC playoff field. Jones could be a big contributor for both goals, as Indianapolis’ receiver depth is questionable.
Michael Pittman Jr. appears to be a budding star, but Parris Campbell has struggled to stay healthy, and T.Y. Hilton is set to play on a one-year deal. Affording Jones shouldn’t be a significant issue, as Indianapolis has $22.9 million in cap space.
Colts GM Chris Ballard has shown he’s willing to be aggressive on the trade market, giving up a first-round pick for defensive tackle DeForest Buckner last offseason.
Indianapolis owes the Philadelphia Eagles a conditional second-round pick that would become a first-rounder if Wentz plays 75 percent of the snaps this season—or 70 percent with a playoff berth. Trading a third-round pick plus a future second might be enough to land Jones, as teams are valuing 2022 selections “like gold,” according to Rapoport.
If the Colts made this hypothetical trade, there would be a good chance they wouldn’t have a pick until the second round and that would be their only selection through Day 2 of the draft. That alone makes this scenario unlikely.
Jones would be fun to watch opposite Pittman Jr., who is still developing to be the team’s X-receiver while Hilton will work mostly as the flanker in what may be his final season with the Colts.
The Colts didn’t do much to add to the room outside of drafting Mike Strachan in the seventh round and adding a pair of undrafted rookie free agents. They seem content with the room they have, and it’s unlikely they will be shaking things up like this.
It would be fun to see Jones dominate the AFC in a Colts uniform, but it’s likely going to stay as a hypothetical at this point.
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