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Dolphins: Long snapper Blake Ferguson has brought consistency to Miami – Dolphins Wire

Continuity is key in football, like any profession. Having consistency day-in and day-out is invaluable to an organization. It’s common, in these situations, that the most consistent factors on a team are the most hidden and, at times, anonymous.
The Miami Dolphins have had just three long snappers in the last 17 seasons. It’s been a remarkable run at a position that was historically made up of players who played other positions and picked up the skill and has now transitioned into an art.
In 2005, the Dolphins signed an undrafted free agent defensive end from BYU named John Denney. In a stellar 14-year career, Denney made a pair of Pro Bowls despite not recording a single sack because Denney was the Cal Ripken or “Ironman” as Miami’s long snapper, starting every single game in his NFL career. In 224 consecutive games, Denney was slinging it to the holders.
Denney retired in 2018, as a new coaching staff entered, which would have been his sixth coach as a professional. He’s a Miami legend, as he set the standard for consistency.
Following Denney, enters Taybor Pepper, a true long snapper, who takes pride in his craft and his social media account. An instant fan-favorite to the Dolphins faithful, Pepper was a bright spot in a rebuilding year that had spurts of fun football after a brutal first half of the 2019 campaign.
Pepper would find his way to the San Francisco 49ers where he’s played the last two seasons.
Pepper was appreciated, and with his exit, the door opened for Miami to do something rarely seen in the NFL. At the 2020 NFL draft, the Dolphins spent their sixth-round pick (No. 185) on LSU Tiger Blake Ferguson.
Ferguson has played in all 33 games during his professional career and has mastered the art of long snapping. You could say it’s in his DNA, as his brother, Reid, handles the same duties for the Buffalo Bills.
That’s actually the truth. The Fergusons’ father raised his sons with the intention of doing what they each do so well. Not only do they snap, they also podcast about it as well, and it’s a must-listen.
Perhaps the most important and impressive parts of Blake’s career is his philanthropy and influence related to type-1 diabetes. Ferguson is not only afflicted with the disease, but he’s also an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
The 24-year-old is known to have a keen eye on social media, even jumping into threads and offering signed jerseys and numerous endeavors that make him a perfect fit in Miami, as the Dolphins are known to be one of the most charitable and philanthropic franchises in sports.
A national champion at LSU, Ferguson knows how to win both on and off the field, and he sure knows how to snap. It’s the hope of many, he challenges Denney’s streak and helps end diabetes.
You can help Ferguson by supporting his cause at
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