JoPro Fitness Consulting's Product of the Month

JoPro Fitness Consulting’s Product of the month is a product review. The products are essential to making an NFL Roster. I wish I had access to these products while I was playing. An improvement in my performance may have occurred.

3 Sure ways to make an NFL Roster with JoPro Fitness Consulting's product of the month

Get noticed by scouts

Long Snappers get noticed by NFL Scouts. Practice with this product.

Impress NFL Coaches

NFL Coaches are impressed with the accuracy of long snappers. Consistently snap at Chest Level.

NFL Roster Strategies

Many NFL teams carry a long snapper on their Roster. Make the team with your long snapping skills from using this product!

Snap your way into the NFL with JoPro Fitness Consulting's Product of the Month

Learn the NFL Snap

Snappers for the punt and the point after a touchdown(PAT) are in high demand.


Practice year round. Take it home or to football practice

Quickster 4-1 FB Trainer

Multi-Skill Football Training Net that allows you to practice punting, passing, kicking...

The gift that pays you back!

picture of a football player practicing with a snapping net.

…or check out the video and testimonials below

Become more accurate

Pinpoint accuracy is needed to snap in the NFL. You can adjust the height of the openings.

Up your game!

Impress the NFL scouts and coaches. Make the NFL Roster with your skilled special teams play.


About the founder of JoPro Fitness Consulting

The company’s founder has 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He is a NASM-Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist and a NASM-Certified Personal Trainer. Career highlights include, working at Reebok Sports Club NY and NASA Langley Fitness Center. Some prominent celebrities that he has trained include, Harry Connick Jr., Kim Cattrall, Ms. Universe 2001 Denise Quinones, and former Senator Al Franken.  

He is a former SAG/AFTRA actor. Chris played the role of George Forman’s Body Double on Saturday Night Live, and the referee in the Charles Schwab commercial starring Jason Seahorn and Shannon Sharpe. Chris is a former professional football player with the New York Giants, the New York Jets, and the New York Knights Arena Football team.

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