Incredibly effective AB exercises I used on NASA Nerds

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Consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Do 20 crunches on the ball. Grab your medicine ball and do 20 med ball Russian twists on each side. Get up and complete 10-15 Roman chair knee raises. Rest. Complete three times. Try this free body weight ab routine.

Upper Ab Exercise Stability Ball Crunch

Perform the stability ball crunch first.  This is the first exercise of the superset. A superset is a group of exercises performed one at a time with no rest in between.  Keep the motion short. Do not arch your back.  Rthis is a hammer strength gym quality stability ball. grey with white letters.oll your pelvis toward your navel (pelvic tilt). This exercise will strengthen your back as well as your abs. The advantage of using the stability ball is your abs have to work extra hard to keep your body balanced on the ball while you crunch up.  You can get results faster doing it this way.

Oblique exercise for a firm waistline

Perform the medicine ball russian twist second. If you want your waistline to appear toned and shapely, then this exercise is for you. Make sure to keep your feet on the ground until you master this movement. There was not a day when I was training my celebrity clients, business clients, or NASA clients, that we didn’t do this exercise. I couldn’t help but join in on the fun, so I did it with them. The results were spectacular.

Roman Chair Leg Raise Exercise tones pouch or belly flab

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The Roman Chair Leg raise is an essential part of this superset. Perform this exercise last. Your abs and back should be warmed up by then.  If you have a pouch or flabby lower ab, this exercise will help tone that area.  The leg raise motion is the key. Make sure you bend your knees until you get better at this exercise. If your upper body strength does not allow you to hold yourself up, do 1-5 reps at a time. You will love the results of this superset. I see you all on the beach this summer showing off all of your hard work.

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