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Should the Ravens re-sign FB Patrick Ricard? – Ravens Wire

The Baltimore Ravens have many different talented players who will hit the 2022 free agent market in a few weeks. It will be up to the team to make the tough decisions of figuring out which of their own guys they bring back and which they let walk.
One of the players slated to be a free agent is fullback Patrick Ricard. The five-year veteran has had plenty of success at the NFL level with Baltimore, especially because in recent years the offense has catered so much to his skill set.
Over the course of his career, Ricard has 29 receptions for 167 yards and five receiving touchdowns. He’s a very versatile option for offensive coordinator Greg Roman, as he’s able to line up all over the field in a plethora of different roles.
When looking at the fullback position in general, there isn’t a lot of need around the league. Teams have moved away from using players like Ricard, with the Ravens being just one of a small handful of teams to still value the position.
Ricard has familiarity with the Baltimore offense, and plays his role well. However, with the Ravens needing to commit plenty of future salary to other players such as a potential extension for quarterback Lamar Jackson, the team might look to save money in a few other areas, one that could include fullback.
Admittedly, fullback is a position that doesn’t cost as much as others in the NFL. The richest fullback contract is currently Kyle Juszczyk, who signed a five-year, $27 million contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Ricard signed an extension with Baltimore a few years ago for two years at $7.3 million.
Since Ricard brings so much value to the Ravens as their offense currently runs, it wouldn’t be shocking to see the organization decide to bring back one of their most impactful players. However, if he’s asking for more money than Baltimore is comfortable handing out at the fullback position, the team could go with a cheaper option such as 2021 fifth-round pick Ben Mason or an undrafted free agent in the 2022 draft.
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