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The Highest-Earning Former UDFAs –

The Seahawks recently gave a two-year, $12MM deal to defensive tackle Bryan Mone, a significant pay day for a former undrafted free agent. While Mone earned life-changing money, he still has a long way to go when it comes to career earnings among UDFAs. There are currently 18 active former undrafted free agents who have made more than $30MM in their respective careers.
We’ve listed the top-20 highest-earning UDFAs below (h/t to The list includes current free agents:
Some observations:
Wow! Hoyer has done well!!
Peters evolved into a beast when Philly swung that big deal with Buffalo to get him. Had a lot of great years but then near the end he was so unreliable, other than relying on him to end up hurt and in the blue sideline tent.
Cool article!
Tony Romo?
Active players
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