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Tyler Smith net worth 2022: What is Smith's rookie contract with the Cowboys? – Marca

All the details about his contract
The 2022 NFL Draft class and undrafted free agents had the opportunity to attend the Dallas Cowboys rookie minicamps to get their first NFL reps, meet the team, visit the facility, and more.
Many of the draftees had business to take care of at The Star in addition to their on-field performance, which is undoubtedly the most significant aspect. A lot of prospects signed their rookie contracts.
Tyler Smith, a first-round pick by the Cowboys, was among those players. The Tulsa OT was taken by Dallas with the 24th pick of the draft.
On May 13, 2022, Tyler Smith and the Dallas Cowboys agreed to a four-year rookie deal worth $13,389,116, which included a $6,917,540 signing bonus. The agreement includes a fifth-year option and is completely guaranteed. Based on the current NFL CBA, which mandates rookies to sign a four-year contract, this four-year rookie agreement is usual. Players that go undrafted may sign three-year contracts and move into restricted free agency.
“It felt good to get it done. It kind of surprised me. I thought I would be signing a little bit later but I got that done. We are on to business now. No restrictions,” Smith stated after he signed the contract.
Even though Tyler Smith signed a multi-million rookie deal with the Dallas Cowboys, he assured that he is keeping his feet on the ground and will remain level-headed.
“Money isn’t everything. I got a lot of love for the game. That is my main focus right now,” Smith said.
After playing at left guard on the field after signing his contract, Smith acknowledged that playing guard was strange for him, but he felt good about the performance he gave the Cowboys’ coaches and staff. The draftee has frequently stated that he is ready to suit up and play wherever his team needs him to. Reporters and his new head coach appeared to be impressed by his performance.
Smith is one step closer to having the opportunity to play in the NFL now that he has a formal contract and participated in rookie minicamp.
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