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NFL Draft-3 essential tasks for undrafted players

NFL Draft-What do undrafted free agents do?

The 2022 NFL Draft begins on April 28 and ends on April 30. Do you ever wonder what happens when a player doesn’t get drafted during the NFL Draft? I was one of those players. I did not get drafted during the NFL Draft.  I really did not know what to do.  My college coach got a few of us into the Freedom Bowl All-Star Classic. Several NFL scouts were there. We did get a look but none of us were drafted. What should we do?  This post explains what a player should do if he is undrafted.

Get invited to a NFL Team Try-Out

The player can try to get invited for a tryout with an NFL team. Your agent can arrange a tryout. UFA stands for Undrafted Free Agent. An advantage of being a UFA is the ability to choose which team to sign with. Some notable UFA’s are Tony Romo from Eastern Illinois, Wes Welker from Texas Tech, Antonio Gates from Kent State, and Super Bowl-winning quarterback Kurt Warner from the University of Northern Iowa. NFL Scouts helped find these players. Learn more about coaches scouting methods from a top NFL scout.

How do Undrafted players get signed

If you are drafted, be ready for the challenge of your life! If you are undrafted, don’t fret. Enter the NFL as a UDFA. I did. I was a UDFA for the Jets and the Giants. I was a long shot to make either team. I was happy to be there.  I had no time to realize what a great accomplishment it was.  Please read the full story in my blog post “Undrafted to an NFL Roster.” 

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