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What Titans' Jon Robinson said about each 2022 NFL draft pick – Titans Wire

The Tennessee Titans added nine new players via the 2022 NFL draft this weekend, with six on offense and three on defense.
Tennessee drafted offensive players such as wide receivers Treylon Burks and Kyle Philips, offensive tackle Nicholas Petit-Frere, quarterback Malik Willis, tight end Chigoziem Okonkwo, and running back Hassan Haskins.
The additions on defense included cornerback Roger McCreary, defensive back Theo Jackson, and linebacker Chance Campbell.
Here’s what Robinson had to say about each, via Titans Online (you can check out Robinson’s thoughts on the draft class as a whole right here):

Robinson: “He’s been an exciting player in the SEC, big yards per catch, he’s a big target. He’s fast. He’s competitive. He’s a player that we spent time with. He came here on a 30 visit, got to know him, and excited to get him here in the offense and watch him work. … The more we spent time with Treylon and watched the film and dug into it, we felt like that he did a lot of things physically that we like and for that position. … I think that the way he expressed his appreciation for a second opportunity to come in and visit with Mike (Vrabel) and I, and get to know us a little bit better, spend more time. I think he relished that opportunity to have a second chance, and he said that. He goes, ‘I understand in this league, a lot of times you don’t get second chances. And I put that at the forefront when I knew I was coming to visit with you guys, that I wanted to make the most of this opportunity. Show you guys the real me.’ And he did that.”

Robinson: “Obviously, really high on him. Good cover skills. Covered a lot of good guys in the SEC. … After we took Roger, that was a position group that started to get picked pretty quickly. You see the receivers that are in this league. You better have guys that can kind of match and cover them. Roger was great. He was great on the interview. He likes cereal and bologna sandwiches and baked beans. Simple guy. ‘I try to cover my guy, Coach, and don’t let him catch it. When they throw it to him, I tackle him.’ You got the job description down pretty good, Roger. … You can never have enough good players that we think can go out there and compete and play at a winning level.”

Robinson: “Nick out of Ohio State played both sides, left and right. Long athletic, spent a lot of good time here on the visit. … I think Nick does have flexibility. He does have versatility. He has played a lot of snaps in the Big Ten. I’m very familiar with the program that he is coming from. He has a really good frame, great build, and we’ll figure out where guys start to go. … Yeah, extremely intelligent. I like the fact that he has played a couple of different spots and he has played a couple of different spots in-game. You can see him. He has kicked over to the right side, kicked over to the left side in a game, and that’s sometimes a tough transition for players to do that. I thought he did it pretty well. I like his length and like the way he competes.”

Robinson: “He was the best player on the board, and excited to add him to the team. … Good arm, athletic, moves around well. Got a really good skillset. Throws a good ball. He is tough to tackle. He has a lot of work to do, obviously, like all the rookies do, but excited to add him to the team and compete. … Well, you are learning a new offense. You are coming in. All these guys, whatever position they play, they’re learning new terminology, they’re learning new things, so how quickly he gets acclimated to that will probably determine how quickly he progresses. … When we get to the third round, it was the best player on our board, like we said. We felt the value was there to add a player at that position. … I think his role will be determined by how quickly he comes in here and learns the offense and improves and gains the respect of his teammates. No different than any other player. They’re going to earn opportunities, but, again, he is a player that was just kind of staring at us there. We were excited that when we were able to get up and get him and not get jumped, if somebody was coming up. … He came across good. He was well-spoken. He was engaging. Easy to talk to. I just got off the phone with him a while ago. He is deeply rooted in his faith. His family got together and prayed and thanked the Lord for the opportunity to come here, which I thought that was pretty cool, so he was good with us. … I think it’s the teammates and how they respond to that player. You saw guys rally and playing hard when he had the ball in his hands, trying to block guys to free them up, and excited when he would make a big throw. He knows he has to come in here and earn the respect of new teammates, and that was one at the top of his to-do list when I spoke to him. … I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, but I know right now we’re excited to get him and these other guys that we drafted, the guys that we’re going to pick up tomorrow and sign in the post draft and let them come in here for rookie camp and compete, and transition them over with the vets, get them to know their teammates. I hope they all grow and improve and develop into contributors here for the team.”

Robinson: “Good size, good run style, downhill. Had a lot of good visits with him leading up to this process. Plays in the kicking game, and just a great, great dude. … Haskins is more of — he is a downhill, between the tackle, stretch and cut runner. His long speed is good. I don’t think he is going to be a 4.2 guy in the open field, but it’s usually the first guy doesn’t bring him down very easily. I like stylistically the way he carries a football.”

Robinson: “Chig, spent some time with him at the East-West, extremely fast, athletic. … Chig, he can kind of get type-cast as this pass catching, speed tight end, which I would say that’s a strength of his, but there are
plenty of games where you can see him kind of put his face into a block and be competitive. … Chig has speed. Stretched the seam vertical, get the ball in his hands. He is competitive at the point. I think he may have been the fastest tight end at the combine or something. … Yeah, I think that’s the one thing that — and as I was watching back through him this past week, there were some games against really good competition where you would expect him to lose some of those one-on-ones. I’m not saying that he drove his guy 15 or 20 yards, but he occupied his guy long enough so that he didn’t impact the play, and there were good players that he was kind of fit up on, and he was able to stay engaged with those guys, keep their feet moving, keep his feet moving so that the defender really didn’t factor in the play, and I think if you can — as a tight end, if you can kind of do that, then that’s usually a win for the offense.”

Robinson: “Philips, another guy that I spent quite a bit time with at the East-West Shrine Game. Tough cover. Plays mostly inside receiver and punt returns. … I think it’s his determination and his toughness and his grit. You see that with players. I mean, there’s some players that run 4.3 or whatever, but when they put the pads on, they slow down for whatever reason or they don’t play to maybe that speed. I think he plays to his speed because is he is so tough, and he is so gritty and competitive. … I know that he knows how to get open and catch. He was impressive at the — certainly impressive on the UCLA tape when you watch him, but when I was at the East-West and I got to sit down with him for 20 minutes and visit with him and talk to him and get to know him as a guy, and then watching him at practice, it just looked like he understood leverage of DBs, and, ‘I can set this guy up this way, and he is going to take it, and I’m going to go that way to give myself some space. … (He’s) confident (in the return game). Fields it well. Gets one cut. Gets upfield. He is not trying to circle up on the return game and bounce it outside. He is tough. He is gritty, which is the mindset you kind of have to have at that position to be able to look at a ball coming down, knowing that guys are barreling down on you. Make sure you field it cleanly, quickly transition your eyes down and find the coverage, make one guy miss and then get vertical.”

Robinson: “Jackson, the DB, local guy. Overton. He was at our local day. Got to visit with him. Outstanding guy. The coaches at Tennessee, when you are asking about their prospects, just continue to rave about Theo (Jackson) and what he meant to their football team. He plays safety. He played some nickel. Can play some outside corner. Kind of a versatile piece there in the secondary. … (Tennessee) played him — he played in the deep part of the field, and he also played kind of in at nickel kind of closer to the core of the formation. He was certainly assertive on a lot of those run plays. When you are closer to the core, you tend to get a little bit more action if the line can hold up and the ball can bounce out there to you. He wasn’t afraid to throw it in there. The same thing at safety, but a lot of times when you are back in your middle field safety or your half field safety, you may kind of be the last line of defense. Hence, the word safety. I think maybe closer to the core may have affected that a little bit. … The thing we liked about Theo is we do think he has a home in the kicking game, and I like his versatility on defense. I think that he can play a couple of different positions. He was an intelligent guy when we spent time with him. Can play safety. Can play down around the line of scrimmage. You make him play in a bigger nickel package on some matchup things. He ran well. I was excited when he was there. Saves us a plane ticket. He can drive over and get rolling.”

Robinson: “Campbell out of Ole Miss, transferred from Maryland. A tough, physical inside linebacker. Runs pretty good. Should factor well on special teams. Excited about all these guys and what they can add to the team. … I think he’s a cerebral player in space. I think that he’s traditionally been more of a downhill between the tackles type of linebacker, which certainly lends itself well to special teams, but I think that his intelligence and his savviness is there as an overall football player. It’s just the transition ability and, ‘Hey, maybe I don’t have to go to this spot athletically. I can kind of be here because I know the route concepts or where around I might fit in the coverage.”
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