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What to get for mom on Mother’s day?

What to get for Mom on Mother's Day

Here are a few gift card ideas for Mother’s day! YAY Mom!

Get her a Mother’s day E-Gift Card. You can choose a standard card, an animated card, or a photo/video card. We like the Happy Mother’s day standard card the most. You can choose an animated Card. We like the “From all of us “card, with the birds singing. There is also a “Your photo/video card.” You can add a photo or a video. The video must be less than 30 seconds. You also have the option of choosing different headings for the card.

Print at home card-PDF

The print at home card offers a Standard Card and a “Your Photo” card. You receive a pdf file. Print out the file. Fold it and give it in person.

Amazon Gift card in a greeting card 

The gift card is inside the greeting card. The gift amount may not be printed on the gift card.

Happy Mother’s day everyone!


More Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Here is a gift that will keep on giving.  Is your mother creative? Does she have recipes she would like to share?  Does she have a skill or hobby that she is good at and enjoys?  Learn more about how she can turn her hobby into Cash. Build online courses and sell them to make extra money.  Training available.


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