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Where did each Dolphins draft pick rank on pre-draft big boards? – Dolphins Wire

When teams make their selections during the NFL draft process, one of the first things that everyone does is check where the newest members of their organization were ranked.
Fans want to know whether the team made a smart move and grabbed someone who was valued higher or reached a bit and grabbed a player that may have been available later in the draft.
This year, the Dolphins seem to have a mix of results as far as value goes. We looked at four pre-draft big boards to compare how each Dolphins’ selection ranked before the draft to where they were actually taken.
Draft Wire: Top 300
Pro Football Focus: Top 250
CBS Sports: Top 300
The Athletic Consensus Board: Top 300
Draft Wire: 60
Pro Football Focus: 115
The Athletic: 78
CBS Sports: 112
Tindall was probably selected right around where he should’ve been. Without much draft capital this year, the Dolphins had to wait until the end of the third round to make their first pick. If they had waited until their next pick, he might’ve been taken by another team.
Draft Wire: 179
Pro Football Focus: 173
The Athletic: 168
CBS Sports: 177
The experts seem to think this one was a bit of a reach. Ezukanma wasn’t the best wide receiver still available on the board, as all four sites had Calvin Austin III rated higher, and the Memphis receiver wasn’t selected until the end of the fourth.
Miami does seem to like Ezukanma’s skill set in their offense, and he probably wouldn’t have been there at their next pick, so the right move might’ve been to trade down.
Draft Wire: Unranked
Pro Football Focus: Unranked
The Athletic: Unranked
CBS Sports: 130
This is a strange one. To essentially have one site rate Goode as a fourth-round pick, and the three others leave him off their rankings leads one to believe that CBS is the outlier here. The seventh round is where you find a lot of those potential high-reward players, so maybe Goode can be that for Miami.
Draft Wire: Unranked
Pro Football Focus: Unranked
The Athletic: 274
CBS Sports: Unranked
It appears that everyone thinks that Thompson should’ve been an undrafted free agent. To be honest, the Dolphins probably could’ve gotten him there, but they didn’t want to take the risk. As head coach Mike McDaniel said on the phone call with the quarterback, they’re “excited to not give [him] the option [to choose another team].”
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The wideout spent Monday morning on “First Take.”
The recovery was going to be too much for him.
This is a big step for the veteran back.
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